Be the non-anxious presence…

Leaders reveal their capability and their character when things go sideways. Edwin Friedman says that he best leaders are a “non-anxious presence in an
anxious world.”
While my day job can include client meetings, speeches, getting quoted by Business week, deliverable reviews, murder board sessions to get the clearest strategies formulated for client recommendations, it can also involve detailed strategy creation of marketing plans and spending mix. It’s this range that makes it hard since I am both an individual contributor, a practice leader, and the CEO of the organization.
Yesterday was a long, long day. It started early, kept going and even when I thought it should be over, it rolled over to early this morning to get a work product done. And it gets me thinking about who I am during these more stressful times. Is it who I want it to be?
My contemplation this morning is related to this:

When the temperature goes up in your organization, what do your people see in you?
“Do they see a non-anxious presence?”
Possibly, someone who pulls them into the commotion?
Or someone who keeps their head clear and focused while creating the solution?

Any thoughts come up for what you need to change? I know that I want to make sure I’m load balancing so I create more opportunity to manage and lead the organization, rather than “do”. It’s time for me and for my organization. And I know for sure that I’ll be less anxious that way.

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  1. Geoff Dodd. June 6, 2006 at 8:32 am  |  

    Nilofer, great! It IS the thought process, that counts! Get clear. Integrate the conscious awake mind with the R side dreaming mind. I have 2 remarkable ebook reinforcers just for YOU. Heck -I love The Internet.
    Geoff Dodd
    Western Australia


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