SCU Talk

There’s a great conference that the SCU does every year. I’ve wanted to actually go and participate because of the range of topics and speaker quality. A client of mine went years ago and told me how much she loved.
So a couple weeks ago, I got asked to do the keynote. I’m so psyched about it.
The topic is about “passion”. I’ve decided to focus the talk on what keeps us from being passionate. My premise is that people already have what they need. Think about all the passion we had when we were children. We have that still within us. Even more so because we have more knowledge and ideas of what we love. But something happens that reduces our ability to filter our passionate ideas from the ideas that hold us back. So the direction is to think about what strategies could be used to eliminate the things that no longer work for us.
I’ve never written a talk on Passion and am a bit intimidated that people will expect way more than I can give. So I’m excited and yet nervous.

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