The 5 Structural Elements of Strategy: Power Distribution

Strategy has 5 Structural Elements – power distribution, decision-making, idea generation, ideas, process and people. Miss tuning one and you’ll fail. Add items that don’t blend and you’ll fail.
Power Distribution
This dictates who to involve, how much information each individual is allowed, and ultimately the process by which organizations make decisions.
Know who you’re working with – what their track record has been on complex strategy projects, basic strengths and weaknesses. Talk to other people in the organization who have worked with them to gain more information. Vet people to avoid surprises and to understand the best ways to support and motivate team members.
How much of your strategy is confidential? What can – or should – be shared with other groups?
Set the boundaries and share them so that everyone is in agreement and shares the same expectations.
Make sure that the inner working of the group matches the culture and values of the parent organization. If your company is as free-flowing as Google, don’t bind people with conservative rules that eliminate communal sharing of ideas or the development innovative solutions.

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