Seasoned and solid, she delivers as a speaker. She has opened for Bono. She has inspired thousands alongside Malcolm Gladwell and Simon Sinek. She advises the Most Powerful Women that Fortune brings together, about the bottom-line impact of social. She’s headlined at global venues, like TED2013, TEDGlobal 2012, TEDIndia 2009, and keynoted technology conferences like Web 2.0. Business giants like GE, IBM, and Skanka bring her into their leadership teams to become ready for the future. Google invited her as a speaker at their famous Google @Authors program to teach them about how to thrive in the Social Era. And she regularly earns rave reviews from those who have heard her rock the mic.

Fast wit & clear ideas…Nilofer got everyone engaged throughout her presentation & talking long after she left

– Paul Papas.
Global Commerce Leader, IBM

Her famed TED Talk, titled, “Got A Meeting? Take A Walk” has been seen online by over a million and a half viewers to date. The talk posits that “sitting is the new smoking,” and encourages sedentary office workers to be both healthy and productive by walking, rather than sitting, at meetings.

KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS  |  As an operating leader with 20 years of experience, Nilofer engages audiences to do more than think differently, but to act differently. Not content to simply describe the state of affairs, she also offers prescient guidelines for taking the future into your own hands. Based on her best-selling book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra, Nilofer Merchant speaks and inspires on the power of collaborative work. She paints a vivid picture of the new world, and then shows us what it means for strategy, innovation, leadership, and especially our own careers.

TOP-NOTCH SPEAKER  |  Engage her for speaking gigs through her two bureaus, Speakers Spotlight (for Canada and the US) and Speakers Associates (for Europe) . And, because leaders need help and perspective to navigate change, she can also be also hired for 1-2 day workshops.

AUDIENCES LOVE HER  |  Answering, “Why do we suck at innovation when we say we love it so much?”

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List of Speaking topics


Nilofer coins a great new term: onlyness. Onlyness is what only any one individual brings to situations.
It includes the skills, passions, and purpose of each human being, bringing new answers to old problems. Sample talk.


Building great teams is more than “getting the right people on the bus,” it’s about the way in which you bring together talent, purpose and culture to create value together. Sample talk.


As change becomes the constant, adaptability is key to how organizations thrive in the Social Era. Collaboration outweighs control. Agile, flexible models allow good ideas to come from anywhere. We get strategies that are understood and embraced by the many, rather than the few. Sample talk.


Many frameworks taught in business school are obsolete and there are new rules of business performance that create scale. Sample talk.