Innovation at the Speed of Trust

In the modern workplace, individuals create more value by their initiative, ideas, and driving change without needing specific direction. Every one of us know that this set of empowered behaviors creates the necessary speed and flexibility to outcompete, outmaneuver and win in the marketplace.

But, what does that really mean in terms of how we lead our modern workforce?

The answer: trust.

Today’s innovation is metered and measured by the speed of trust. Relationships are to the Social Era, what efficiency was to the Industrial Era. And we all remember what relationships are built on, don’t we? Trust. Trust will be the throttle for how big our ideas (and our impact) can become. Crucially, trust allows individuals and companies to take the needed risks that lead to better innovation, especially as teams become increasingly distributed. The faster technology moves, the more decentralized decision-making becomes — the more trusting teammates means a real difference for every aspect of success.

Building from stories in Nilofer’s latest book, The Power of Onlyness, this talk highlights the organizational dilemmas that are completely transformed through trust, so you can apply its key components to your own work.

Research shows that no one brings their best ideas to work — until they trust that it’s safe to do so. Whether you’re an individual aiming to drive impact, a manager looking to build a more innovative team, or a leader of a large firm wanting to deliver exponential results, trust is the key to these goals.

What You’ll Learn

How to use the Trust Equation to evaluate projects for potential pitfalls.

How to act as a Trust Bridge to become a person other people can count on.

How to build trust within your team with just four magic words: “I believe in you.”


Business leaders across sectors, looking to improve the collaborative performance of their team and their own career. Keynote or team workshop.

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