The Power of 1

So often we hear how innovation depends on fresh takes, new perspectives, and breakthrough ideas. That all forward progress – whether in business, or society – is born of new ideas.

Yet even the latest research confirms that the vast majority of us “cover” our wildest ideas—choosing to fit in and belong to the mainstream— even if it means denying ourselves and our desire to share our unique voice with the world. What might our world look like and what problems could we solve if any “wild idea,” regardless of its source, had an equal chance?

Into this context, business innovator Nilofer Merchant offers a way forward: Onlyness. Onlyness unlocks the capacity in each of us, all of us. When people are told their ideas are too weird, too wild, or simply “too much”, they tend to give up. Not because they want to, but when one has to choose between activating an idea and belonging to a community, belonging wins. Every. Darn. Time. Until, now. Because, now, you can easily find those who share the same purpose as you, who are equally passionate, motivated, and mobilized. Now you can belong to your weird and wild ideas, AND also to a community of like-minded individuals. This is THE POWER OF ONLYNESS—that an idea, born of the spot in which ONLY you stand, can scale by connectedNESS, to become mighty enough to dent the world. Companies that harness this power will out-innovate the market. And, it’s the way each of us enacts the change we imagine is possible.

Thru inspirational stories, from her book, The Power of Onlyness, Nilofer illuminates what’s now possible.

What You’ll Learn

What % of people conform and is it just traditionally underserved groups?

Why belonging and expressing ideas are interlinked and the implications.

A new way to conceive of ourselves (and one another) because this one shift changes our ability to bring out the best in each person, align teams in powerful purpose, and enact the ideas we most need to solve our toughest problems.


This story-driven, yet fact-based talk is designed for a broad audience, x-level or industry, who want to tap into their own creativity, break free of conformity, and connect their wild ideas to the world.

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