With tools, metrics and markets pulsing with change, Nilofer’s 11 Rules are a vital compass to staying relevant & profitable. Embrace them.

– Lisa Gansky. Bestselling Author, The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing
Pay attention to Nilofer Merchant. Or risk obsolescence.

– Dave Gray. SVP Strategy, Dachis Group
Nilofer creates both insights & action. More importantly, every project ended with key stakeholders around the world bought in, aligned & raring to go!

I would highly recommend Nilofer as a business advisor as the perfect blend of the stategic & the operational.

– Gloria Chen. VP, Office of the CEO, Adobe
11 Rules for the Social Era completely, convincingly & lucidly redefines what it’s going to take for companies to be successful going forward. Powerfully provocative & highly practical. Bravo Nilofer!

– Tony Schwartz. CEO, The Energy Project | Author of New York Times Bestsellers: Power of Full Engagement & The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
Every CEO, CMO, and decision maker needs to read this. Nilofer has taken a high level concept and made it abundantly clear how to implement this big idea.

– Tara Hunt. Founder, Buyosphere Bestselling Author, Whuffie Factor
Social media is not about hooking up online. It’s becoming a new means of production & engagement. Nilofer lays out helpful rules to embrace the social era.

– Don Tapscott. Bestselling Author of 14 books, including Macrowikinomics
Enthralled my entire entrepreneurship class of Stanford students.

– Chuck Eesley. Professor, Stanford University