The Power to Innovate: Salesforce 2018 Keynote

Most of us believe that the strongest ideas will win the day. That success of one’s original ideas is some combination of sheer brilliance, dogged grit, and fervent hustle. After all, no one questions that new ideas matter. Ideas are like engines, they are what pull us into the future. Ideas matter to our careers,  More

What Do You Need to Know?

Sarah Judd Welch, a friend and colleague, reminded me I’ve not been writing much on my blog for the last few months and shouldn’t I be? I wrote her back to say that, actually, I have no spare energy to write. The last 20 weeks I’ve been all consumed with a bathroom remodel project and  More

What Will Happen To Your Job?

Most jobs today are scoped in such a way they’ll be easily replaced by artificial intelligence. I remember being slightly nauseous when I learned that 60% of US jobs and 80% of global jobs require zero decision-making, judgment, or creativity. Zero. It’s shocking to think of. But then look at an everyday experience of interacting  More

Have You Done Your Part?

When I walked up to the registration desk, the people there seemed, I don’t know… almost disappointed to see my check-in. Not long after, I was standing next to the 3×4’ sign with my face on it as the closing keynote speaker when I heard a conference attendee say, “I don’t know her; I’m going to go  More

In ShondaLand: Seek Life Elsewhere

When I was writing this essay just published by the media mogul platform that is Shondaland, I kept replaying a particular movie scene in my head. One of my favorite movies is GI Jane. It’s a story of the first woman to become a Navy Seal. And, so, overcoming deep sexism. At one point the  More

Identity is a Fluid Social Construct

It wasn’t until I lived in Paris that I realized I wasn’t brown. Or, a woman. I’ve lived in America most of my life, since I was 4.5 years old. There, I am always brown. I am brown, for example, when I walk into most shops, from a Banana Republic all the way to Neiman’s. Nearly  More