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“For this is the truth that we are now facing. For all of its democratizing power, the Internet, in its current form, has simply replaced the old boss with a new boss. And these new bosses have market power that, in time, will be vastly larger than that of the old boss.”

- fred-wilson (via heif)
Posted July 27, 2014


I need feminism because women still aren’t included in cycling grand tours like the Tour de France. 

Attempts to include females generally consist of separate, smaller stage races such as the Tour de France Feminin, which was cancelled in 2009. Reasons against including women range from women having less endurance (bullsh!t), breaking 100 years of tradition, and a lack of sponsorship interest (which demonstrates a problem in itself). 

This year the race organisers have developed La Course, a one day women’s race, which is being praised as “game changing” and “revolutionary”.

It’s time for professional cycling to leave the dark ages, stop throwing smaller, lesser races at us like a bone to a dog, and include women in the full length Tour, even if it is with a separate General Classification.  

Posted July 27, 2014
“The answer isn’t to just cut jobs en masse, [Larry] Page said. People want to feel “needed, wanted and have something productive to do.” But most everyone would like a little more time off. So perhaps one solution would be to split up part-time work between people, as Page said Richard Branson is experimenting with in the U.K.”

Posted July 21, 2014

Changing the cubicle skyline of corporate America, the open-plan shared workspaces of the startup world, and the studios and work nooks of thousands of writers across the country: standing desks. More, here.

Posted May 16, 2014

"Reveal the abundance around us. "

I first heard this phrasing from Zipcar founder Robin Chase and it really stuck with me. It’s as if many of the things we’ve been searching for — whether it’s an answer to a question, an asthma inhaler in a time of emergency, a ride across town, someone to talk to, or a snowblower — are actually right there, ambient in the air around us, but it’s previously not been possible to see them or connect them.

Posted April 28, 2014
Can the Crowd Run a Company?:

Often crowdsourcing is about getting people to give away their ideas, their onlyness. Yet noticing more models that compensate for participation, as is the case of this model: members will receive a twice-yearly payout through PayPal if the company makes a profit and if the community votes to pay out to members.

Posted March 28, 2014

We can easily buy into the challenge of “who are you”, without realizing the answer is as simple as I am me…

Posted March 25, 2014
“Power of networking and also networks. When a NYT reporter was studying America’s Exec Women… she found 8 Wellesley graduates among the 439 respondents. That is 64 times Wellesley’s share of the female college population and more than any other college except the University of California at Berkeley (with 9, but also five times as many women students). Detail reveals that when Ms. Morrissette met Donna Ecton, ‘69, now chief executive of Business Mail Express Inc., the exec “really championed me,”. “I would not be a Wall Street investment banker, were it not for her.””

Posted February 6, 2014
“Control isn’t possible. In part it’s because managers don’t have “the answer.” Managers can’t tell people what to do because they just don’t know. Nor do the workers. Or even the customers themselves. The answers lie in the interaction between networks and ecosystems of customers, workers and managers. This is not like an equation puzzle to be solved, or an algorithm to be applied: it’s more like unraveling a mystery or a voyage of mutual discovery. So to succeed, communications have to become much more multi-dimensional and interactive than in Traditional Management.”

Posted February 6, 2014

Connectedness = that thing that unites is bigger than what divides us. Coke gets it.

Posted February 3, 2014

60 years of growth was wiped out in 3.

Posted January 28, 2014
“American Management Association (AMA) recently did some extensive (1200 leaders, 40 countries,) new research that found that 53% of companies now define “leaders” based on impact, not authority. Whether some one reported to them or not didn’t matter, nor did someone’s title or place inside an organization. Even the lack of organization turned out to not be an issue. And the conclusion they drew, which I’m inclined to agree with is that ANYONE can be a leader.”
Posted January 24, 2014
“72% of Millennials, the youngest cohort of the labor force, would like to be their own boss. 74% want flexible work schedules. 77% of independent workers are committed to staying that way. 50% of the work force will have spent some time as an independent worker. But when you disconnect working from belonging you are quite literally left on your own. Making independent work “work” requires proactively creating work spaces, routines, positive interactions and a clear sense of purpose to deal with the lack of an organizational systems that once provided identity.”

Posted January 20, 2014
“Healthcare connected devices – the supercategory of wearables — will be quite lucrative if done right. Sensors that can alert of impending heart attack or food poisoning or help manage diabetes and cancer by understanding the markets inside the body are revolutionary. If we get the price points to manageable levels, the impact on global health is going to be astounding and unprecedented. Of course, regulations and a moribund industry stands in the way.”

Posted January 13, 2014
“Organizations that are the most inclusive of women in top management achieve 35% higher return on equity (ROE) and 34% better total return to shareholders versus their peers – and research shows gender diversity to be particularly valuable where innovation is key, according to research conducted by Illuminate Ventures.”

Posted January 11, 2014

Having a female leader = 6% higher GDP growth rate, on average, than having a man at the helm. The more diverse the nation, the more extreme the effect. In Liberia, 1 of the most ethnically fractionalized countries surveyed, GDP growth was 6.15% under a female leader and 0.69% if the leader was male…

(With all appropriate caveats about generalizing a “female leadership style”… it’s a great read. Highly recommended.)

Posted January 5, 2014

While the number is still too low (13%)…women are growing as share of Venture Capital.

Posted January 5, 2014
“Most execs not concerned at lack of Women on Boards. Survey reveals that only 42% of executives are concerned about the number of women on boards and in senior management positions at leading Canadian corporations. Almost 2/3 are satisfied with the number of women in their own executive ranks, and 50%+ are satisfied with the number of women on their company’s board. That’s the case even though 60% of the executives who responded said their firms have NO female directors at all, and the average proportion of women around the boardroom tables is just 9%. Executives say the reason for this scarcity is the “dearth of qualified women”, not any discrimination against them.”

Posted December 19, 2013

Silicon Valley lags behind the rest of Corporate America in getting more women into leadership roles, new research finds.
Loads of stats here >

Posted December 12, 2013
“66% of technology boards have at least 1 female director, compared to 60% in the 2012 index.”

Posted December 9, 2013