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Know Yourself

What is the essence of your character? Said differently, what matters to you? This isn’t just a touchy-feely question, it’s the bedrock that describes who you are. What is deeply felt and has meaning for you will ultimately inspire you to do your best work. Until we understand that essence, we are unable to guide  More

Lessons Learned

I constantly remind myself to learn. No matter what the experience, how tough or how painful, if I’ve learned something from it, I can live with it. If I pay attention to what I’m learning, I actually learn more. When I work to incorporate those lessons into the next meeting, the next experience, the next  More

Difficulty is a Great Teacher

What I thought was torture when I worked at Apple – working with 23 different managers in seven years – I now see as an experience that refined by ability to work with many different kinds of leaders. It was a training ground that has paid big dividends – though I couldn’t see it that  More

Performance vs. Behavior

We’re schooled, whether through B-school or working in organizations, in the outer trappings of success – status, money, title and so forth. How do we tie that to individual satisfaction and a feeling of success? What we likely haven’t been taught is that the ways we create value are as important as the dollar amount  More