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Life is quite often about dualities. And the role of leaders is especially so.  Do I pay attention to executing today’s strategy or envisioning the future? In the consulting world, do I focus my priorities on selling or delivering?  With expenses, do I prioritize product investment over sales/marketing investment?  And when it comes to leadership,  More

The Critic Must Die

When product lines fail, product managers feel responsible. When children steal, parents often feel like they haven’t taught ethics and self-control well. When a business team doesn’t want to work together, isn’t the leader to blame? The line from GI Jane: “Remember, there are no bad teams, only bad leaders” reinforces this point. And as  More

Ingredients of Workplace Happiness

Inspired by reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I asked a series of questions on Friday about workplace happiness. I used happiness as a shortcut word for a place where people can be fully alive and thrive. Too many organizations still do strategy in the corner offices and innovation in a specific department as  More

Lessons Learned

I constantly remind myself to learn. No matter what the experience, how tough or how painful, if I’ve learned something from it, I can live with it. If I pay attention to what I’m learning, I actually learn more. When I work to incorporate those lessons into the next meeting, the next experience, the next  More

Difficulty is a Great Teacher

What I thought was torture when I worked at Apple – working with 23 different managers in seven years – I now see as an experience that refined by ability to work with many different kinds of leaders. It was a training ground that has paid big dividends – though I couldn’t see it that  More