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Anticipation …

Persistent rumors that Google is launching a mobile “platform” based on open business models could culminate tomorrow, November 4, 2007. Here’s the link “href=”http://news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/20071103/tc_pcworld/139240” I found. Bunches more online this afternoon so I have to believe that something BIG is going to be announced tomorrow. ONE big implication: we have now two amazing companies going  More

Mobile Commerce, Really?

A colleague recently bent my ear regarding mobile commerce and how she can barely wait for some of the new services (like this one) to become available in her area. I love a good gadget as much as the next guy, but having lived through electronic wallets and many of the other “great ideas” on the front-side of the dot com boom, I’m a bit skeptical.
For those that are willing to learn, failures teach us more than successes, so this got me thinking about what the past can teach us about these new service offerings. I’m not talking about ringtones and wallpaper; I’m only talking about stuff you buy with your phone, not for your phone.

Software Platforms of the Future

A very important trend to watch in 2007 will be the ongoing efforts to separate the operating system from the platform (the APIs and user interface that an application interacts with).
Key players in this movement include Adobe’s Apollo and Microsoft WPF/E.

Mobile Content Market

Is the Mobile Market Ripe for the Pick’n?

Questions software executives must answer if they expect to stay on top of the rapidly emerging mobile market space.
Lately, it seems you can’t swing a PDA or Smart Phone without hitting a business or trade publication article that contains the word “Mobile.”