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Hey what's that in the corner?

I had another late night meeting last week, where my firm was involved in helping a company evaluate a decision to an upcoming product launch. Sorry for not being able to provide details; maybe one day. While we presented data, evidence, and insights in a ‘compelling’ (the client said it, really!) way, the resolution to  More

Cinching creates more value

I’m always worried about the Valley companies that have too much funding, too much venture capital, too much valuation. In this day of American ‘more is better’ philosophy, you might think me contra-culture (or, worse, old-school) to even mention it. When the WSJ had an article today about VCs ‘aggressively showering start-ups with cash’, I  More

Make mine the most expensive way to expand

A colleague and friend got $30M in VC funding recently. Good times. It was more than he asked for, because the VC wanted to see fast market penetration into several verticals. Market expansion can be done in multiple ways — new products, new geographies, new customers, new channels (reaching new customers), etc. In my friend’s  More


Finding the Core Value Proposition is Key

I recently got introduced to an up-n-coming PLM (product lifecycle management) software vendor who shall remain nameless. There are several notable vendors already in the PLM space including IBM, PTC, Borland, UGS (a division of EDS) , and about 40 others that showed up on the first page of the Google scan. There was value  More


Market Entry Moves by Cisco Warrant Review

For every successful market entry, another 4 fail. I learned that in grad school. One of the few facts that made practical sense, and thus stuck. That metric included every type of company: automotive, pharmaceuticals, financial markets, etc. I can’t find a relevant statistic for high-tech firms, but it has to be one out of  More