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Culture Trumps Strategy, Every Time

Trust, fights, and child care. When I’m advising start-up teams nowadays, I ask a lot of questions around those three areas. Which makes it sounds more like a marriage counselor’s office, rather than a boardroom, right? Quite often, the teams I’m talking with think culture is some woo-woo stuff that doesn’t make any difference in  More

Apple’s Startup Culture

At the recent All Things D conference, Steve Jobs described Apple’s (AAPL) culture as “that of a startup.” Why? Is it because he is nostalgic, yearning to rebuild the company he founded nearly 35 years ago? Is he reflecting a passion for the innovation and entrepreneurship so often inherent in startups? Or is he saying  More

Santa Clara University BOD

I got an email from Barry Posner, dean of Santa Clara’s Business School, a few days ago that both surprised and delighted me… he invited me to join their Board. I get to give back to my community AND be an advocate for a school that really matters to me. How cool is that? The  More

Who Owns Strategy? We All Do.

A couple weeks back, I was teaching a course at Santa Clara University for their high tech marketing program, when a bright young product manager asked me a question. In a room filled with engineers and a handful of product marketers and product managers, he stood up and asked, “Shouldn’t product management own strategy?” His  More

SCU Talk

There’s a great conference that the SCU does every year. I’ve wanted to actually go and participate because of the range of topics and speaker quality. A client of mine went years ago and told me how much she loved. So a couple weeks ago, I got asked to do the keynote. I’m so psyched  More