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"Lifing" the Summer Away

I killed my company to find my life. Yes, I led a multi-million dollar consulting company that I loved. I loved the CEOs and leaders I worked with. I loved the amazing companies and their technologies. I liked to imagine the next marketing making move and to put that into motion. I loved publishing the  More

Online Communities: Ignore at Your Peril (I)

In the strategy work I do with tech companies, I’m frequently asked about web communities — how they operate, what they can and can’t do, and how a company should look to work with them. The companies we deal with generally fall into three camps when it comes to community: –Many companies are still learning  More

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10 Ways to Convince Others to Follow YOU!

At a speech last month at a women’s exec group, one audience member asked “how do I build a business case so I get heard”. Great question. In my day job, I help execs form business cases all the time, on defining what products should get more marketing push, which business unit should get the  More