You used to love your work, but now you play Candy Crush between meetings. You want to grow the company you work at but keep getting passed up for the bigger roles. You imagine something bigger is possible in your work and with your team, but you can’t name what it is!

You want to be energized by your work. And valued. And connected to those around you.

If you are ready to know what lights you up so you can light up the world, now is the time to book your Onlyness® session. Get the insights you need to be fully alive at work.

An Onlyness Consultation

Each of us stands in a spot in the world where only one can stand. From that distinct place where one’s experiences, history, vision, and hopes collide, we add our unique bit to the world. This is Onlyness®. It’s the source of all new ideas. And how we add, build, and create value.

Onlyness might be simple in concept, but it’s not easy to do. 

It’s like having a lightbulb over your head, shining and brightening every room you enter. It might be a turmeric orange or mallard blue. When you enter a room, your light illuminates the entire space. That makes it difficult to discern your own “only” because the light you shine is also the filter through which you see the world. You think this is just what the world is when really it’s who you are. You can’t see the color of that bulb; you can’t see the room without your light. Onlyness is hard to see all by ourselves.

Which is why there’s an Onlyness® Canvas. Find a trusted buddy and do it together. Or, if it’s critical to your life’s energy and momentum, get an expert involved. As the author of The Power of Onlyness and strategist on creating value, Nilofer Merchant is uniquely qualified and ready to help with a proven process. Learn how it works.

Get the insights you need to add the value that only you can.

What’s the Investment?

When we know our purpose, we can connect meaningfully to our work and to the world. What’s that worth? An Onlyness consultation is an investment in yourself, at $2,495.

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