Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but you already know what it means.

Onlyness. It’s the source of all new ideas. Each of us stands in a spot in the world only one stands in. And from that spot — from our history and experience, as well as visions and hopes– we each add our bit to the world. Even if some of those experiences are not as “perfect” as we might want, they are a source of what one creates. As we understand our Onlyness, we know to whom we belong, and how to add our bit to the world. 

As we center it, Onlyness is how we are valued, and add value.

Who Needs An Onlyness Consultation?

Seeing, and living one’s Onlyness isn’t easy.

Many of us, maybe even most of us, have a hard time seeing what only we offer the world. That’s because Onlyness is hard to see ourselves. As I write in Power of Onlyness, it’s like we have a lightbulb over our own heads, and every room we’re in is lit by that particular color. We need perspective on our distinct light. 

So, if you have big ambitions for your work, or you know you can have a bigger impact, you might need a consultation. It’s for the entrepreneur figuring out their new venture. The corporate exec who is looking for clarity on how to add the value that “only” she can. The person with a network of amazing people, but not sure how to connect folks around a shared purpose, to make a bigger difference. It’s for when you know there’s “more”, but you don’t know exactly what “more” is or how to scale it with others.

How It Works

The goal of our work together is for me to help you find clarity.

The process will involve completing the Onlyness Canvas along with some (gentle) probing, some not-so-gentle prompting, and all sorts of precise questions to help you get clear about where and how you can add the most value, with whom you most belong, and how that work fits into the marketplace.

Is the Onlyness Consultation Right for You?

Everyone benefits from claiming that spot in the world that’s distinctly their own. It’s how you know what matters to you and how to make that matter in the world. This is why the book is widely available, available at public libraries, and the Onlyness Canvas has been created and released for free. 

But if you’re not able to do this work by yourself… if you feel stuck, or stagnated, then having someone work with you, to prompt you, and ask you precise questions will help. To uncover what you may not be able to see all by yourself.

That said, this consultation requires you to show up ready to do the work, so you get out of it what you put into it.  

This program is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a therapy session. It can be helpful to have someone listen to what stops you and to acknowledge your fears and hurts. If you need that, let’s find you a good resource but this session is about moving forward. Be ready for that. 
  • You are hoping your company can foot the bill. The best next act may or may not involve the firm that currently employs you. We do not want to be bound to the answer the firm would want; we want to find the answer that works for you. 
  • You’re just starting out. There are other great resources available to help you get started. This is for someone who has a solid foundation on which to build. 

Get Started

  1. Click the button below to schedule and pay for your Onlyness package with Nilofer. While the consultation itself lasts about 1 hour of talking time, your total time investment is typically between 5 and 10 hours. There is pre-work and also homework which is done over several weeks. 
  2. You’ll receive an email to get started, identifying the pre-work you’ll need to complete prior to our meeting. You’ll complete it at least 72 hours in advance and then Nilofer will review it and identify key questions back to you via email.
  3. You’ll meet with Nilofer to work on the Onlyness Canvas together, identifying both your history and experience as well as your visions and hopes and how those come together to form your Onlyness—that thing “only” you can do at this time to make an impact. 
  4. You’ll receive some homework assignment(s) & post-consultation action plan via email with a link to the recording of your meeting. We’ll review the homework, progress via email. 
  5. What we’re describing is meant to be a 1-time consultation. That said, Nilofer can be available to you for additional sessions if you like. There are, for example 6-months and 12- month packages available to CEOs and leaders wanting to scale an idea using the Onlyness™ construct. The packages allow us to go beyond one’s own leadership and mindset to also define/design the right business constructs (business model, team, key strategies) needed to scale an idea effectively.

Remember: The 1:1 meeting with me — live — is just one part of this multi-step consultative process. Be sure that you’re setting aside time before and after our meeting to work through the homework, take a look at my feedback, do the homework and follow-up items. And know I am working with you each step of the way. 

You can’t make a change without being clear on what you want to be changed and why based on what only you see. So let’s get started. I’m looking forward to working with you!

How much is it?

An Onlyness consultation is an investment in yourself, for just $1,250.

The Fine Print:

You might wonder why this price point is so low? One reason is that we get to learn and spot patterns for where people get stuck. One way we do that is we record all of our conversations to help the transformative process. You get to use this, so you can hear your own questions and your own shift in thinking. It’s beyond hard to take notes and think big with someone at the same time. It’s hard to have an epiphany and fully decode that epiphany IRL. The recording(s) is a supporting resource you get, and use post-­meeting. With this, the session keeps on giving because you have the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the learnings at your own pace. It’s also an advantage for folks who want to go back and hear what his/her ‘old’ thinking might have been. And, as we said, we get to learn. If we say something so insightful that it could be useful to others, you will be asked if these recordings can be shared. You, the participant, retain the right to say no, be anonymous, or use a pseudonym. Of course, Nilofer Merchant (LLC) retains the right to write about any insights without your permission as long as the situation is obfuscated and your name is not included.

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