Keynotes and Q&As

Prescient. That’s the word a lot of people use to describe Nilofer as a speaker. It suggests having or showing knowledge of things before they take place. While she’s inspirational, she’s also practical. Showing how to close that gap between strategy and execution. Showing you how to open up the aperture of ideas from outside the perimeter of the organization. Showing you how a small change makes a better work culture. Showing us why we must include new voices if we’re to solve tough problems. Her talks aren’t one-way spouts at an audience, but two-way exchanges that enable progress. More here.

1:1 Work

If you’re interested in designing or redesigning “what’s next” for you, do a 1-time deep dive. Using the Onlyness™ Canvas, we identify how you do your most valuable work.

Onlyness™ to Scale One’s Work. Especially useful to leaders wanting to scale using the Onlyness™ construct, so many join together to turn an idea into a reality. This 6 month or 12-month commitment includes doing transformational leadership work and/or designing the business constructs (business model, team, key strategies) to scale an idea effectively. This is deep work undertaken with a commitment to a clear end-goal. 

More on pricing and how Onlyness™ Consultations work, here.

Bespoke Team Meetings

Every team wants to know how to use each others’ strengths and how to help one another do big things. But most teams can’t see beyond roles and education. Teams need to have the social norms to ask, hey, what is your superpower. And, also, what is your Achilles heel, that “weakness” which can lead to a downfall. Every superhero has both. This is why teams matter. After all, Batman wasn’t a lone superhero. He had Alfred, the enabling leader who got all the cool gadgets. And the police commissioner who identified and prioritized needs. And Robin, who helped Batman with his fear of bats. This workshop works with a current operating team to utilize everyone’s Onlyness™ to utilize each others’ strengths and learn how to best support one another. So you’ll create great big things, together.

Have another idea for ways to activate Onlyness™ at work? Reach out.

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