Small idea, big impact

At 3,243,523 views (and counting), this 3-minute TEDtalk rocketed around the world. It changed the culture by clearly naming something, and then making change super do-able. This is what Nilofer does; sees something few sees, and showing us how to change, so progress is possible. The topic is an everyday one, a problem hiding in plain sight. Yet it wasn’t until it was named and a specific actionable change suggested that society got the message. That’s why it has had an immense effect on technology, work relationships, meeting culture and so much more.

“I had our students watch her TED talk as part of [a] Global Executive MBA class I taught on speaking skills. She’s smart and innovative, and communicates her ideas in a compelling fashion for both experts and laypeople alike.

Dorie Clark. Professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

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