By centering on that source of all innovation, Onlyness, Nilofer Merchant enables you to create more value. Her impressive operational accomplishments include launching over 100 products, netting $18 billion in revenues. She literally wrote the book of “new rules” for business, and innovators in our Social Era.

The problem with having companies pick up the tab, as in "we'll fund you to go to states" is how it makes people de… https://t.co/LH5BEtKdj1
RT @TristanSnell: "Leave it up to the states" was also the pro-slavery argument in the 1800s.
Gas prices in France are about the same as US. But you know what France has that the US doesn't? Living wages.… https://t.co/rZGF8eaibG
Instead of asking, “What is wrong with people?” Ask, "what's causing people to act that way". We are shaped by th… https://t.co/aJ8OdU01N2
🎯🎯🎯 And if asked about it, their responses are... "I'm problem-solving! (as if women are not)." "I respond to dat… https://t.co/HxfhgeM1Ss
Civility isn’t the point; morality is. Focusing on politeness—a distraction—shifts us away from the conversation th… https://t.co/f4fZkGrcV2
RT @ruthannharnisch: I bet you can still hear the words they said to you that were meant to tell you your place, your limits. @nilofer has…
"Because it’s more difficult for us to defend ourselves against a force that defines its own reality." https://t.co/WLeyniEjAH
We can insist on tomorrow. @pfpicardi names something so beautiful here. https://t.co/EYtOFuIlEV
A column at the Atlantic which reflects a conversation I was having with my 18-y-o son. https://t.co/UxMO7kyZWe T… https://t.co/3apXgigOqX