Nilofer Merchant illuminates the future of work and gives us the strategies to win in that future. Her impressive operational accomplishments include launching over 100 products, netting $18 billion in revenues. She literally wrote the book of “new rules” for business and innovators in our Social Era.

Choice is everything and power gives choice. Instead of choosing for others, give them the power to make their own… https://t.co/tMqr26Tgx7
Lingua Franca sweaters getting a big plug here at #TEDWomen with @Janefonda herself.
This talk was from #tedwomen 2018 and it quite honestly blew my mind. https://t.co/a7a4eadeKh
Separate but equal bathrooms. Ugh, Uber. (So consistent.) https://t.co/ThVvdErKie
When you’re at @TEDWomen and @CelesteHeadlee helps you pick our earrings. https://t.co/cjt4DFf36P