Onlyness: Find your Purpose, your People, your Power

We often make power about the individual – asking people to be bolder, braver or build a better brand. But that’s not it. We become powerful when ideas that are deeply personal to us are supported and advocated for by others. Power is not simply personal, it’s profoundly social. Finding your power – your Onlyness – is rooted in what matters most to you. When you socialize it, people who believe in it will want to see it realized. This is how your Onlyness is the key to create real change.

Her talk on Onlyness rewired the way our attendees conceptualized the problems and opportunities. The panel just after her immediately picked up the concept and it became a theme, a through-line, and an organizing principle for the rest of the event. And in case you’ve never run a conference – that kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, if ever.

John Wilbanks. CCO, Sage Bionetworks

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