• Nilofer Merchant has spoken to hundreds of world-class companies, industry associations & leadership groups from all over the world with rave reviews.

  • A prescient speaker, her ideas light up the room.

  • She is a top-rated speaker alongside Arianna Huffington, Adam Grant, Bono, Malcolm Gladwell & Simon Sinek.

  • Have her engage with your group or organization.

Pay attention to Nilofer Merchant. Or risk obsolescence.”

Dave Gray. SVP Strategy, Dachis Group

The nature of work is changing—and at a magnitude that we have yet to fully grasp, let alone respond to. How we create value has been transformed by technology, changing power dynamics, and the way networks allow people to connect and do what once only large organizations could. These changes have broad implications for company strategies and leaders alike. There are also hidden opportunities. If harnessed properly, you have the opportunity to move ahead & create the future of work you want.

The question is, are you ready to take advantage of these changes?

Nilofer has earned a reputation for naming what’s about to happen, and then shaping the right strategies to go forward, tailored for your needs. Invite her to your next event.

“Fast wit & clear ideas…Nilofer got everyone engaged throughout her presentation & talking long after she left.”

Paul Papas. Global Commerce Leader, IBM

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