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TedGlobal Talk: Banking on Openness

As you might have noticed, I took the summer off. Well, not quite off.  More like away.  I went to Scotland, and gave a talk at TEDGlobal on the topic of openness. I also finished a new book (my 2nd title) on the #SocialEra that Harvard Press releases next week. Yet, I also managed to  More

Yahoo’s ShakeUp Demands Fearlessness

Four longtime Yahoo board members, including the chairman, are leaving the company. In this one move, Yahoo is trying to make a clean break from the past — signaling that they are primed to reboot. It’s a much-needed and long-overdue step on the path to shifting trajectories. The Pattern of Failing Organizations Larger organizations follow  More

Sneak Peek at TEDBookstore

Last week, I had my very own ‘Sophie’s Choice’ moment, but not for children… but for books. TED (the conference) offers an onsite bookstore with handpicked titles. The Bookstore is run by a socially responsible business, BetterWorldBooks, which donates monies in the millions to literacy programs in the developing world. Like any bookstore in a  More

Must-Reads This Week

I’ve been rather offline for most of January, and I thought you wouldn’t notice. But, a bunch of you – including people I barely know —  have been dropping emails or near strangers stopping me at coffee shops, “What’s up?” and, “Why haven’t I written for Harvard lately”. Well it’s nice to be missed, and  More

Must-Read Weekend Reading

Give Up Me to be Accepted by You? I am friends with John Hagel in real life, and always appreciate that his FB feed is genuine. He does not use FB as a reposting of content from twitter ala Tim O’Reilly and other good folks. He uses it to have a forum to engage “the  More

Is Sharing a Good Idea?

A good friend of mine, Terri Griffith, lives in these two divergent worlds: First, she’s an expert and enthusiast in the enterprise 2.0 / collaboration workspace. Second, she’s a professor (she has a Ph.D.), yet no one has ever called educational institutions the hotbed of collaboration… She’s got a new book coming out this week:  More