To Whom Do You Belong

  It was 1986. The aroma of my mother’s biryani, a chicken rice dish spiced with masala, greeted me as I returned home from my day of classes at the

Want Change? Make Yourself Seen

Why Onlyness is the Key to Overturning Power Structures This post originally appeared on Medium. Think back, and remember the first time you were valued for yourself. Someone saw your shining capacity

It’s what you do that defines you

How often I think of thanking the people who have been helpful. But then, I don’t act on it. Sometimes it’s because I feel like that might make that person

Upright and Breathing

Yes, I’m alive. Thanks, Andy, for checking in. No, I’ve not written on the blog for nine months.   This is not to say I’ve not written. I’ve written and

Shhh … Don’t Tell My Boss

Being a “slash-career” person, i.e. writer / speaker / researcher / professor, can mean your “boss” is a tyrant-like type who always has a new demand of you, and never

Calling Fellow Explorers

This June, I signed a deal with Viking (Penguin) to publish my third book, on Onlyness. My son desperately wanted it shared with you, the Yes & Know community. Maybe

In Between Space

I’ve some news to share with you. It’s even good news. But I’ve been finding myself reluctant to do so. Once it is revealed, the in-between space is gone. We’ve

It’s the little things …

In general, I choose “done > not done”. Or “today > future date”. Many of us who follow this philosophy can credit their career success to it. The people who

How Do You Take In Criticism?

Friends always want to know, “Did doing a TED talk make you famous? Rich?” I’m always direct to answer, “not at all*”. So, when the LI editorial team asked me