What To Do When Your Boss Undermines You

In that meeting, someone asked a question about the business opportunity for the topic you were all discussing. You gave the answer that you and your boss had already discussed, “it’s

Other People’s Onlyness Matters, Too

Wake up an hour earlier to get a jump on things. Answer all the emails because it’s polite. Spend part of every Sunday strategizing so you can better direct your

What Deep Support Looks Like

“What does deep support for onlyness look like?” a colleague emailed. I wanted to write back, isn’t it obvious?! But then different stories popped to mind. Between friends, and colleagues.

What Do You Need to Know?

Sarah Judd Welch, a friend and colleague, reminded me I’ve not been writing much on my blog for the last few months and shouldn’t I be? I wrote her back

What Will Happen To Your Job?

Most jobs today are scoped in such a way they’ll be easily replaced by artificial intelligence. I remember being slightly nauseous when I learned that 60% of US jobs and

Have You Done Your Part?

When I walked up to the registration desk, the people there seemed, I don’t know… almost disappointed to see my check-in. Not long after, I was standing next to the 3×4’ sign