Why To Say No to That Big Opportunity

Q: Should I leave my own consulting practice and join another firm as their CEO? I know I can bring a lot of value, as my Rolodex is strong and

Treat Dissenters Like Champions, Not Complainers

Instead of celebrating her fresh take, the marketing director was told she was being difficult, even demanding. Recently hired at a major financial firm to identify growth strategies, she spent

How Do We Measure Progress in Our Careers?

“I wonder if you’d help me,” you wrote. “How do you measure progress in a person’s career?” you asked. You feel “that time is running out” and you’ve not achieved

The Work We Are Called To Do

Here we are, near the end of 2019.  The other night, my son was in bed with me when he started to talk about why women aren’t going to be

The Case for Onlyness

Not Everyone Will, But Anyone Can. Nothing matters more than innovation; that something new that creates value. It’s innovation that has allowed us to build today’s smartphones, and will let

The First Step to Being Powerful

“I am such a big failure. I can’t believe that I’ve made this mistake and it’s cost me months and months of time.  I might never recover…What an idiot to

Do You Trust Your Own People?

If your team could get more than one hundred creative new ideas, ranging from revenue-generating market expansions to ways to improve the health of your employees and reduce insurance costs,