Do You Trust Your Own People?

If your team could get more than one hundred creative new ideas, ranging from revenue-generating market expansions to ways to improve the health of your employees and reduce insurance costs,

Making Ideas Actionable

How do you enable your own growth? When I read books, I mark them up, often writing entire paragraphs of ideas as they come up (even if they’re not tied

Give Them a Chance to Say “No” (or “Yes”)

“Our leaders won’t like it” “We’ve already tried to tell them that.” “There’s no way the execs will greenlight it.” When I am asked to advise a company, the leaders

Don’t Be The Lonely Only

The NYT gender section recently ran an article advising those of us who are tokenized to “realize that their ideas matter” and to “practice self-care.” Instead, what women actually need

You’re Not Alone

Original ideas born of Onlyness often get squashed and squished by the status quo. And haven’t we all seen leaders who try and scale ideas in a way that ends