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Culture and leadership aren’t just two important aspects of the game – they are the game.

Nilofer Merchant, Management Thinker, Feature Story of HBR Magazine, April 2013

Lessons from when TED Lost Control of Its Crowd:

Today, Harvard Business Review’s (the premier management magazine in the world) magazine for April was released. (Check out the upper corner, because this is fun news to share!) One of the featured 3,000-word articles is on Leading in the Social Era. It’s entitled, When TED Lost Control of it’s Crowd. In this article, I discuss  More

Dan Pallotta, Activist, Speaking at TED2013; Picture by Duncan Davidson

Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems

The way we think about things is the reason why we can’t solve big problems. Not a reason, but the reason. For example, in charitable work, the success of non-profits is measured in how little money they spend in overhead, limiting who they can recruit, whether they can ask more people to be involved, which  More

Feed the Eagles

Feed the Eagles, Starve the Turkeys

A long, long time ago, a boss of mine at Apple, John Osborne, taught me 2 things that I swear have guided hundreds of decisions since. One was about when to fire someone and when to coach and such. And the other was on how to stop doing more (cause there will always be more)  More

SagharTamaddon Walkntalk

WalknTalks are Catching On

Hello friends – I haven’t been writing that much on the Yes & Know blog partially because I am still recovering from the adrenaline rush that I got from speaking on the TED2013 stage. (almost over it now) Since sharing the press that came right out of the event, 3 new bits worth sharing. First,  More

People Can See You

Why People Listen to You, Follow You

He taught me so much. Not because of what he said, or even how close we were, but what he embodied. Jerry Witherspoon died of pancreatic cancer a few weeks back. I’ve been mourning his passing quite a bit and — to be entirely real — I’ve been a little surprised by this. You see,  More