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Why the How Matters

Connecting with friends now that the New How  book is done about why I wrote it and the journey of 10 years it took me to really get why the “how” matters as much as the “what”. He wrote back something that is worth sharing: About the how mattering as much as the what…may be  More

Is Business a Community?

Yesterday, a debate ensued about whether business is a community. It is not said one party; community is this soft thing and business is fundamentally about the results that a company creates. Results, as in money. That’s it. Bottom line. But is that really the whole story? I would argue that business is about community  More

CNET: Note to privacy advocates: good luck

Google is back in the news as another privacy group gets hot and bothered about their eye in the sky. No one wants a satellite snooping, but the privacy group actually posted Street View directions to a Google exec’s home online. Speaking as one who has seen firebombing near the UCSC campus this week to  More

The Wall Street Journal: Web Piracy: The Enemy Within?

While this Wall Street Journal story is about the entertainment industry, all of us involved in software would do well to take a look. Piracy of all kinds costs our industry billions every year, representing profits lost for shareholders. Some companies look the other way, others see it as a clandestine marketing tool. Maybe it’s  More


Chris, my physical trainer and all around nice guy, recommended Lamb to me and it had me laughing out loud while thinking about my faith in new ways. The story is about “Biff”, the sidekick friend of Joshua (ala Jesus) and aims to fill in about 30 years that are missing from the bible to  More