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Curing the Yackity Yack Disease

At Apple, my best boss* once walked out of a room, after calling a bunch of us “Yackety-Yakers”.  Even though I’ve lived in the Bay Area of California since I was 5 years old, I definitely miss a lot of cultural references. I like to blame this on the fact that I don’t watch television,  More


Fearless Learning

To learn, we must be willing to not yet know. And that means we need to stop silently criticizing ourselves and others for not already knowing the answer. When we think we “should” already know, then we spend energy eliminating seemingly conflicting data, information, opinions and stories. Only to never see what we need to  More


What Surrounds Us, Affects Us.

We are all connected. We mostly know that. Do we also realize that who we hang with affects our moods, what we think about as valid, it shows up in our decisions, and it affects what we create? Maybe. This week, I worked with an editor to create my first post for the HBR (Harvard  More

Are you a Rebel or a Leader?

Everyone was being so agreeable. The CEO nodded, the VPs agreed, the Directors were polished in their reviews. All the content was “good,” the timelines “reasonable,” the budgets “sufficient.” We were in a meeting to review the roadmap for the company’s new product. And it had all the hallmarks of a Potemkin village. I wanted  More


Management 2.0

Ever notice that most job descriptions list about 10 things that are known that the person will be required to do and then some line that says “projects as needed”. That’s the catch-all line because what we get hired for isn’t everything we do; in fact, the functional job someone is hired for is only  More


Management Reinvention Manifesto

Recently, I started a keynote with a hatchet in my hand.   You might think i was being theatrical. The actual purpose of starting a talk with a tool in my hand was to point to a time when responsibility for a shared goal was built into the community. 4 Economies & How They Shaped Management:  More