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Why. I. Am. Doing. This.

A name. I start January with the desire to name this humble blog. Which begs the question, “what is this blog about? What will I write about? Would I go deeper on the theme of “win markets”, which is what I am most known for? Will I continue to wander about as I have for  More

Writing Must Create Context

I’m writing a book. Or, at least, I hope to be writing a book. A bunch of the stuff I’m working on now is thinking about who it serves, it’s purpose, it’s vision and the breakdown of the big ideas into smaller ideas that tell a story. One thing is clear. A great deal of  More

Digital Slices: Atomizing the Business of Segmentation

Segmentation has always been a key part of marketing. Sorting customers into appropriate segments allows business and marketing types to filter ideas, glean intelligence, set prices, and decide what to offer and what to toss.
Segmentation also allows successful companies to produce just the right thing to address the needs of different slices of the market.