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What Does Wall Street Reward?

A recent analysis said that, all things being equal, a heavy reliance on marketing spend will hurt a company’s stock valuation. Of course, we say. Duh, we think. But have we ever really thought about how much a factor that is? Let’s think about it using an example. There are two stores in the middle  More

Strategy Failure = Strategy Creation Process Gone Awry

We’ve all seen it – the company that makes a play for new customers and finds they’ve targeted incorrectly. The product launch that fizzles. A big rebranding move that ends up being underwhelming. Is strategy failure due to poor leadership, lack of execution, bad market data? Have customers moved on, is the timing wrong? Underneath  More

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Metrics: The Long and the Short View

In business, metrics matter. It’s key to make sure you’re looking at things that indicate truth or at least a pattern of truth. I’ve been working for the last few weeks on a client Optimization project where we’re drawing a pattern out of a mosaic of metrics and seeing some interesting insights. While many people  More