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Scobleizer Gets it Right

That is why MSFT is going to have a tough time competing with Google…MSFT is a beautiful piece of software…too bad it isn’t a harbinger of a beautiful business model for the future.

Employees and Strategy

For many executives, the two words above don’t go together. Why? Because they think strategy is done in the C-suite. I’m here to tell you that’s old thinking. Life is different now. Status is less relevant. We’re in an era of ideas – and they can, and do, come from all directions. The formal, power-based  More

CNET: Note to privacy advocates: good luck

Google is back in the news as another privacy group gets hot and bothered about their eye in the sky. No one wants a satellite snooping, but the privacy group actually posted Street View directions to a Google exec’s home online. Speaking as one who has seen firebombing near the UCSC campus this week to  More

Wall Street Journal: Former Google Engineers Launch Search Engine

Former Googleites are in the news everywhere today regarding their launch of a search engine. Cuil, as you’ll find out from the excerpt of a story written by Jessica E. Vascellaro, is supposed to deliver better results. It’s great that Cuil searches more than Google. I encountered problems with a simple search such as the  More

Making Money During Disruption

While failure for the high-tech entrepreneur is less likely to result in death, the parallels between the Gold Rush and the current Web-based economy are many. In both cases, participants must to adapt to a new way of life, with new rules. Or rather, no pre-existing, fixed rules.
Silicon Valley’s famous tolerance of entrepreneurial failure has its roots more than 150 years ago in the Gold Rush when more than 90,000 people made their way to California in the two years following John Marshall’s discovery of gold near Sacramento in January, 1848. By 1854, more than 300,000–representing more than one percent of the total population of the United States at the time–had come west in search of fortune.