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No Pause, No Processing

Everything important happens in the pause. Understand that the pause is the between space where an idea is shared, and that idea is understood. I just finished doing 6 weeks of speaking – my first-ever “high season” of doing a bunch of paid keynote speeches back-to-back. At these many venues, I watched the other speakers:  More

What Ideas Are You Fighting For?

Leadership always operates at two levels. There is the immediate and perhaps even pragmatic stuff of leadership – who is in charge, what responsibilities do they own, what defines the shape of their arena. We spend a lot of time paying attention to this stuff, in all domains – work, economies, and especially now during  More

Leader of Ideas

Big contributions come about through preparation, dialogue and thinking together. That’s what strategy is about. To a novice, strategy often gets linked to the meetings, the planning, the process and the incredibly meaty powerpoint slides that are produced and presented. But that is simply the stuff we have to do to do the thinking. If  More