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Without a Clear Vision

Vision is crucial. It is utterly irreplaceable. No amount of execution or financial success can replace vision. Why? Because, vision can lead the creative work of an entire tribe. (Not just of a few people who think about it all the time, but for everyone.) Vision is the art of seeing things invisible, Jonathan Swift  More

The Secret to Being Really, Really Smart

Surprised I was when I opened the Christmas present that held a Canon T3 Digital Camera. After the tornado that is Christmas was over with the ribbons saved and mounds of wrapping paper recycled, I sat down with the manual only to find myself regretting getting this present. How could that initial squeal of delight  More

The Too Short Meeting

I’m about to head off to a meeting that I’m sure will be too short. Too short as in not enough time to actually discuss, deliberate, and resolve conflicts within the many ideas that could be generated. Too short to allow people to feel heard. Too-short to explore nuances. Too short for everyone to “get”  More

Is Success Predictable?

So many teams fail in growth. They blame their strategy, or their tactics, or the market, or bring up some issue about product/market/timing fit was off, or that some people failed at execution and so on. The list of reasons is almost endless for any team. As often as this happens, don’t you wonder if  More


Management 2.0

Ever notice that most job descriptions list about 10 things that are known that the person will be required to do and then some line that says “projects as needed”. That’s the catch-all line because what we get hired for isn’t everything we do; in fact, the functional job someone is hired for is only  More


Management Reinvention Manifesto

Recently, I started a keynote with a hatchet in my hand.   You might think i was being theatrical. The actual purpose of starting a talk with a tool in my hand was to point to a time when responsibility for a shared goal was built into the community. 4 Economies & How They Shaped Management:  More