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What defines scale?

In the past 100 years, we needed institutions to create scale. Firms provided us with a more efficient way to create value by lowering collaboration costs and increasing the access to information. Centralized firms enabled what individuals could not do on their own. One side effect, though, was that the customer became “out there”.  Also,  More

Must-Read Weekend Reading …

Wall Street rewards New Product Lines “There’s tremendous pressure on companies, particularly publicly traded companies, to grow and grow. You see, for the most part shareholders don’t profit from steadily profitable business, but unexpected growth. Microsoft grew profit by 30% year over year, and the stock market said meh. For a company as successful as  More

Ballmer to Yang: I Just Can’t Quit You

Two NYT journalists see Microsoft ‘needing a franchise’ as the software giant puts the moves on Yahoo all over again. Two weeks after walking away from takeover talks with Yahoo, Microsoft made clear on Sunday that it still needed to create an Internet powerhouse that could rival Google — and that its interest in Yahoo  More

Will Europe Let Google Out of the Penalty Box?

Saul Hansell of the New York Times feels that Google’s year in the penalty box may be over. Reuters and Bloomberg report that the European Union is preparing to approve Google’s pending acquisition of DoubleClick, the advertising technology firm. The deal, which was announced last April, has been delayed mainly because of protests by Microsoft  More

Piracy and Revenue Optimization

A winning business model requires a unified and all-encompassing approach that goes far beyond how monies are collected and products or services are delivered. In an earlier article, I mentioned a long list of functional areas that must align around a winning business model, but neglected to include Legal. How the legal eagles affect business models is critical and deserves an article of its own. That’s right–even the legal team is part of a winning business model.

Software Platforms of the Future

A very important trend to watch in 2007 will be the ongoing efforts to separate the operating system from the platform (the APIs and user interface that an application interacts with).
Key players in this movement include Adobe’s Apollo and Microsoft WPF/E.