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Courage Does Not Roar

Today, I was in a room full of remarkable people, making a list of what qualities make someone remarkable. The predictable elements were listed: Hard-working Resourceful Creative Intelligent/ Smart Organized… After 15 or so elements were listed on the post-it board… courageous was added to the list. When you are courageous (or fearless, bold –  More

Reinvention Really Sucks

To all those leaders I have worked with to reinvent their companies, you can now smack me. Hard. Forget that Reinvention is the right thing and all that other crap I told you and that it is necessary to move forward. I’ve changed my mind. Reinvention sucks. Reinvention was once delightful. Besides helping many a  More

Smartphones as Appliances

The growth of the mobile data marketplace is one of the bright spots for business in the current recession. Mobile carriers report increasing demand for data services, and Apple and Research in Motion both reported strong earnings aided by sales of their smartphone products.

Vision Holder Carries Flame

For any of you holding on to a vision, I say disregard anyone who says you cannot make it; fake the confidence, believe in it as if it was already in the rear-view mirror until it is; Never give up; Continue making an effort no matter what, and remember to envision the outcomes as done when you are talking to people on what they will do to carry the flame.