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Is Business a Community?

Yesterday, a debate ensued about whether business is a community. It is not said one party; community is this soft thing and business is fundamentally about the results that a company creates. Results, as in money. That’s it. Bottom line. But is that really the whole story? I would argue that business is about community  More

Sit Forward

How often do you go to a meeting and check-out? Do you ever tune-out people you don’t agree with? Make the decision today to engage and be truly present. Instead of judging, participate. Embrace whatever you find. I call it ‘sitting forward’ – it’s what we do when we’re eager and interested and it helps  More

Leader of Ideas

Big contributions come about through preparation, dialogue and thinking together. That’s what strategy is about. To a novice, strategy often gets linked to the meetings, the planning, the process and the incredibly meaty powerpoint slides that are produced and presented. But that is simply the stuff we have to do to do the thinking. If  More

Employees and Strategy

For many executives, the two words above don’t go together. Why? Because they think strategy is done in the C-suite. I’m here to tell you that’s old thinking. Life is different now. Status is less relevant. We’re in an era of ideas – and they can, and do, come from all directions. The formal, power-based  More

What Apple Knows That Facebook Doesn’t

Too often, we don’t recognize the power of platforms – even in Silicon Valley. The piece below by Umair Haque, draws an interesting difference between the way Apple and Facebook are both conducting their businesses. Some would argue against viewing Apple as ‘open,’ given the proprietary nature of the iPod and iTunes. Either way, it’s  More

Strategy vs. Truth

What happens inside an employee when strategy doesn’t jive with what they know to be truth? In a millisecond, a string of questions unwinds. Questions like: Do they expect me to say something? Will I get in trouble if I say something? Will I get in trouble later if I don’t say something? Is talking  More