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Thank You / #SocialEra Sticker Available

I’ve wrote a few days about how to support an author.  The most important about that post was towards the end. It said, thank you. Your support means a lot to us authors. Without people sharing ideas, either through reviews and blog posts, or gifting it, or creating discussion groups at work, no idea gets  More

Gratefulness Amplifies Creativity

We’re ambitious. We strive. We grow. We achieve. We do. We hustle. We push forward. We fail. We learn. We don’t give up. We build. We create. We innovate. There is goodness in all of these things. No doubt. This is the path of progress. We live in a culture with far, far too much  More

To Be Grateful

It seems that no matter where we get in life, we’re always chasing something else, something more. We’re constantly trying to answer the question “What will make me happier?” The person who has no job wishes to have one. The person who has a job wishes to have a better title, better status. The person  More