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The Revolution at Home

It might be taking things too far to say that what’s happening in the US is the same as what’s  happening internationally. In the recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, and Jordan, people came together to demand freedom of voice, leadership they could believe in, and meaningful work. They wanted  More

Wall Street Journal: When Does Technology Cross Ethics?

Can the use of new technology be unethical? Or does such use never cross the ‘bright line’ of ethics? A piece in the Wall Street Journal raises those questions: “Police in Washington D.C. arrested a man they believe is responsible for a string of assaults, the Washington Post reported this week. The breakthrough in the  More

The Missing Strategic Ingredient

Part of the difficulty in strategy creation is the temptation to direct rather than ask open-ended questions. When the C-suite sends a directive telling people to head in a certain direction, thinking isn’t involved. Teams start to align against that order and move to execute it. Middle-management becomes the scapegoat for failure to execute the  More

12 Ways of Emotional Intelligence

I give this talk on “having a seat at the table” where i talk about bringing our full self, full values to work. Because, of course, complex decisions require way more than a rational check list. They require judgment. And judgment is best with high EQ folks. This List is an excellent one to think  More

Listen to the Oppressed

We listen to the rich, but we need to learn to listen to the oppressed. The voices that are often not heard are the ones that can add a dimension to a growth strategy that can’t be found at the top of the organization. It’s not glamorous and it likely won’t make it into the PPT slide that goes to the CEO or to the Board. It will however make a difference in how that strategy actually becomes reality. And you’ve heard me say it before. A strategy not made into reality is just a set of theoretical slides. Strategy has to be about the outcomes that are created.