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Without a Clear Vision

Vision is crucial. It is utterly irreplaceable. No amount of execution or financial success can replace vision. Why? Because, vision can lead the creative work of an entire tribe. (Not just of a few people who think about it all the time, but for everyone.) Vision is the art of seeing things invisible, Jonathan Swift  More

More to Innovation than Ideas

Chances are, you’re already familiar with the concept of the Air Sandwich, if not the term itself. An Air Sandwich is what happens when the leadership within an organization issues orders from 80,000 feet and lobs them down to the folks at 20,000 feet. Without the benefit of feedback, questions, or even a reality check  More

Holding The Vision

The larger picture is about the vision and mission. The “how” of what we do each day to accomplish that (or not) is what I’m commenting on to get the actions/ behaviors / direction to be aligned to the larger vision. So even when I see that things are not working, I am determined to lead that part of the solution to get it back on track.

Vision Holder Carries Flame

For any of you holding on to a vision, I say disregard anyone who says you cannot make it; fake the confidence, believe in it as if it was already in the rear-view mirror until it is; Never give up; Continue making an effort no matter what, and remember to envision the outcomes as done when you are talking to people on what they will do to carry the flame.