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Wall Street Journal: When Does Technology Cross Ethics?

Can the use of new technology be unethical? Or does such use never cross the ‘bright line’ of ethics? A piece in the Wall Street Journal raises those questions: “Police in Washington D.C. arrested a man they believe is responsible for a string of assaults, the Washington Post reported this week. The breakthrough in the  More

The Wall Street Journal: Web Piracy: The Enemy Within?

While this Wall Street Journal story is about the entertainment industry, all of us involved in software would do well to take a look. Piracy of all kinds costs our industry billions every year, representing profits lost for shareholders. Some companies look the other way, others see it as a clandestine marketing tool. Maybe it’s  More

Wall Street Journal: Former Google Engineers Launch Search Engine

Former Googleites are in the news everywhere today regarding their launch of a search engine. Cuil, as you’ll find out from the excerpt of a story written by Jessica E. Vascellaro, is supposed to deliver better results. It’s great that Cuil searches more than Google. I encountered problems with a simple search such as the  More