Must-Reads This Week

I’ve been rather offline for most of January, and I thought you wouldn’t notice. But, a bunch of you – including people I barely know —  have been dropping emails

Must-Read Weekend Reading

Give Up Me to be Accepted by You? I am friends with John Hagel in real life, and always appreciate that his FB feed is genuine. He does not use

Is Sharing a Good Idea?

A good friend of mine, Terri Griffith, lives in these two divergent worlds: First, she’s an expert and enthusiast in the enterprise 2.0 / collaboration workspace. Second, she’s a professor

Must-Read Weekend Reading

Is it only me, or do you believe 4 well-written articles all speak to one big coming change? I’ll let you decide. Things I think are worth reading this weekend.

Must-Read Weekend Reading

I’ve been so busy synthesizing 10 years of thinking on Social Business Models, and writing up these ideas for an upcoming HBR magazine article that I have been remarkably behind

Must-Read Weekend Reading

2 Consumer (Hourglass) Markets “P&G isn’t the only company adjusting its business. A wide swath of American companies is convinced that the consumer market is bifurcating into high and low

5 Opportunities in ECommerce (Trend)

I’m an insane online shopper. Online wins over in-person for several reasons. One is research based; if I pick well, I only need to pick a few things that last.

Trend to Watch: Mobile Payments

Starbucks has become that much more convenient.  Today, the NYT showed us that we can use our phone to buy coffee. No more carrying your wallet, and your phone. At

Trends to Watch, January 2011 (alpha)

A good friend of mine, Harry Max, keeps pointing out that I am obsessively good at spotting trends & market moves that matter, and that I ought to use that