"Lifing" the Summer Away

I killed my company to find my life. Yes, I led a multi-million dollar consulting company that I loved. I loved the CEOs and leaders I worked with. I loved

The Critic Must Die

When product lines fail, product managers feel responsible. When children steal, parents often feel like they haven’t taught ethics and self-control well. When a business team doesn’t want to work

Reinvention Really Sucks

To all those leaders I have worked with to reinvent their companies, you can now smack me. Hard. Forget that Reinvention is the right thing and all that other crap

The 5 Structural Elements of Strategy: Decision-Making

Strategy has 5 Structural Elements – power distribution, decision-making, idea generation, ideas, process and people. Miss tuning one and you’ll fail. Add items that don’t blend and you’ll fail. Decision-Making

The Missing Strategic Ingredient

Part of the difficulty in strategy creation is the temptation to direct rather than ask open-ended questions. When the C-suite sends a directive telling people to head in a certain