How to Add [more] Value as a Remarkable Executive!

How do you become a world-class executive?
You’re a proven business leader, with respected subject matter expertise. But are you viewed as a key executive to the organization? Does your CEO or Board trust you to provide input on, and champion, the issues most crucial to your firm’s long-term success? Do you know what it takes to get there? Is it about increased skills and competencies, or about style and attributes to break the glass ceiling, or even about better networking so you increase your sponsorship within the organization? Or is it something else? What makes you more than good, what makes you remarkable?
Nilofer Merchant discusses all this at the Silicon Valley Women in Business conference at 6:30 pm on January 17, 2006 at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park.
Participants in this session will learn 5 key methods to define, measure and demonstrate remarkable value to the organization. Some strategies will include:

  1. Managing your time so that you don’t do more, you do it better.
  2. Cultivating self-review and self-awareness.
  3. The need for advocacy… And challenges women face
  4. Rules for working within an organization (e.g. dealing with politics)
  5. Managing goals, realistic or otherwise.
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