To state the obvious, perhaps?

Doesn’t it seem like all of us folks are “living” more of our lives online. Starting with job hunting or house hunting, learning what technology companies are doing, reading the best thinking by the WSJ or finding BusinessWeek insights online, and buying shoes /underwear /books /well, everything through the Amazon portal, life is done online. And blogging is just a part of the online story. A cool part of the story.
When I first learned of blogs, I was (at best) cautious. Another fad? Another silicon valley over-hyped thing? Or a real way of exchanging ideas? But I watched a couple blogs for a while to see the conversations that were created, the dissemination of ideas, the opportunity to learn points of views of really cool people. So here I am. At the beginning of a new journey.
This reminds me of my last seismic professional shift. I started a firm 6 years ago called Rubicon Consulting. There, a very talented group of people actively pursue and develop the best marketing strategies. Then, we co-create with our clients the plans and directions that enable them win market opportunities. Among our client base: Symantec, Adobe, Logitech, Riverside, Anystream. Our clients have offered us many venues to be on the cutting edge of good marketing, or leadership, or solid business strategies. I won’t often talk about them to manage their privacy but the lessons learned along the way will leak through I’m sure.
As I write this first entry, I feel the same sense of excitement, trepidation and anticipation that I did back in ’99.
Excitement that I’ll be a better observer of the world around me knowing that I can share any insights as I go. I will share what I know of marketing, of innovation, of entrepreneurship, of change management, of strategy, of leadership…of whatever I know at whatever level I currently know it. I hope it will be of some value. And possibly, that this information could transform the way other people think. Or, even better, to increase the value of what they do.
Trepidation. I’m not a professional writer, so I wonder if in my act of writing regularly without an editing team besides me, I might make a baffoon of myself in front of others. In front of you. But, hey, embarrassment has never been cited for a cause of death. I’ll risk it.
Anticipation. Learning new ideas is amazing. Communicating ideas that can create real value in the world can be really powerful. Being able to inspire others to create more value in their own sphere is a gift. I don’t know if I have that gift, but I am hopeful. I’ve found that if you want to create real value in the world, you need to have a vision, have passion, and be able to lead (and engage with) great people towards that vision. I will find the best examples I can in these areas and share them. I don’t know if this will make this blog famous and one day make it on the best lists of blogs, but that’s less important than many other things.
I’m aiming for this block to be chock-full of significant, impactful ideas you can use and have a forum where you can share with me. If you think I’m hitting a cord, drop a comment by or pop me suggestions on how to improve. Thanks for reading.

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