Playdough, anyone?

B00005YXW9.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgIn our offices, we have playdough. Yes, you read it right. Playdough.
When I asked my assistant to get some playdough, she thought she had heard wrong. (It could have been I was mumbling, too). But I wanted to leave it around to see if it could remind us to – ya know – shape the world, our work, our vision, our goals as we need to. Because I believe that we can shape things and the outcome of our work.
Now when I play with the stuff, it comes to me… you gotta know what you’re designing for before you start. Just morphing with the stuff is … well … messy. And non productive. And certainly not worth spending time on.
And so what does this mean for business? I’ve found all good leaders are folks who take a role in shaping the world around them. They decide what they want, they write them down (notorious list makers, behold!), they don’t stop, and they’re willing to lose. It’s not that they think they know it all, it’s that they like to believe so much in their vision, that they commit to making that become a reality.
Go out and buy 5 boxes for your office. See what your team does with it. See what you do with it.

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  1. Michael Ashby. March 3, 2006 at 3:57 pm  

    That’s a great idea! What a powerful tool for the imagination.


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