Who wants you to be their Leader?

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The Wall Street Journal Bookmark’s section this morning reviewed a book called “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?” Besides noting the great title (who came up with that?!), I thought that is a question any executive should ask themselves.
So I put it out to you, why would someone want to be led by you?
Some things I think that matter:
Great idea creator; Openness; Coach and Supporter; Organized; Troubleshooter; Authenticity; Kind to People…Hard on Ideas; Advocate for your Organization; Advocate for the best idea (not necessarily yours); Desire to be the best & keep learning; Bring out the Best in others; Excellent collaborator across the organization; Truth-teller (kindly, of course); Facilitator; Visionary; Credibility that what you say is what you’ll do; Articulate; Good researcher; Analytic
And then the other question that comes to mind…what do you want to get better, at so you become a better leader tomorrow than you are today?

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