Another Cisco Move

Cisco made another move to the vertical security space yesterday. They bought a company for $51M and 27 people that provides them video surveillance capabilities. This acquisition maps well to what they’ve done well, meaning buying smaller innovative teams that address an enterprise vertical need. And, it seems a sure thing that other Security vendors should be concerned. The reason I say that? They have a “Director of Security for Worldwide Channels”. Nobody does that unless they are extremely aggressive about a vertical space.

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  1. Mike. March 15, 2006 at 5:13 pm  |  

    Interesting. Cisco has also been working closely with Sony’s network camera business. They’re cooperating around sale of enterprise video systems, especially for security. That’s an area that doesn’t get much attention in Silicon Valley, but it’s hot in the wake of 9/11, and there’s a lot of value you can add to the system via computing power — for example, monitoring video feeds to automatcially identify suspicious behavior.
    Some network camera owners configure them to send automatic e-mails when motion is detected, but the systems are pretty dumb today — the users tell stories about getting urgent alerts from the system because it detected a piece of paper blowing off a table. So there’s a lot of value Cisco can add here, which is probably what’s attracting them.


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