How is consulting different than therapy?

A client asked me this question during what was our consultation meeting: “How is consulting different than therapy?”. Great question, isn’t it?
So while I came up with some rational response at the time that seemed to be plausible, I thought “I gotta blog on this and see what others think!”
These are my initial thoughts. I need your contributions.

Consultants actually care about results.
Consultants don’t care if you feel good. They care if the organization wins.
Consultants pick and choose the clients they want to work for.
Consultants charge more and they’re worth it. (oh, come on, let me have it!)
Both make money because someone has a problem.
Consultants makes more money if they solve the problem fast, therapists make their money slowly over time.
Consultants benchmark, therapists pontificate.
Consultants fix, therapists treat symptoms.
Both consultants and therapists have a range from practical and real, to theorists.
Consultants fix business models, therapists treat people dynamics.
Consultants do models and best practices. Therapists create communication diagrams.

What is missing, people? Let it rip.

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  1. Mike. April 24, 2006 at 1:24 pm  |  

    Many people become dependant on therapy; it becomes a party of their lifestyle (watch any Woody Allen movie).
    Consultants (if they are any good) solve a problem and then move on. They want an ongoing relationship with a company, but it should be based on solving a series of problems rather than revisiting the same one over and over.

  2. Nilofer. May 7, 2006 at 8:09 pm  |  



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