Neko Neko

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame would love this word.
“Neko-Neko”* is an indonesian word for someone with a novel idea that actually makes the situation worst.
Look around you, do you spot one? Are you one? I hope not.
Thoughts on who we should be…
Be a positive force that draws out the goodness in others.
Believe in the goodness of others.
Find a way to create value and build it with others.
Leave things better and more enabled for later.
And remember that a new idea doesn’t always make it a good idea. Next time someone sounds slick with a novel idea in a meeting, remember Neko-Neko.
(*from the book, the Meaning of Tingo)

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  1. Joobie. June 5, 2006 at 3:44 pm  |  

    I love this word! Language is so fun, particularly the cultural differences in language. I’ve always been fascinated by what some cultures have a word for and others don’t, like schadenfreude. I’m pretty sure I know some neko-nekos too. Boo!


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