Consumer technology matters but only to a few…

Consumer technology matters, sure.
But remember that most of consumer technology stuff is something people made up and then found someone willing to buy. I profess to have done this with web authoring software, and countless other tools. Consumer marketing is demand-creation focused.
No one ever thought they needed a treo until they had one. Or post-its until they used it, or krispy kreme donuts until we had some.
And while all of us in Silicon Valley get enamored and excited about the next big thing (say…animated, personalized ads served up on mobile phones), the general lay population mostly fear technology because they don’t understand it.
So when technology companies get all crazy about pushing their latest innovation instead of resonating with people in a common sense way, they’ve bought their own b^$%#%*t. What they think is important is the technology, when in reality it’s about explaining how this new “thing” will make life faster, better, more luxurious, increase connections, etc.
If you’re doing consumer marketing, this is the thing to remember. Whenever you have a chance, talk to your customer as if they fear technology and then share with them why it will help them to be better people and create better connections. Think Iowa, not Palo Alto.

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