Dash used Stealth just Right

Is there ever a good reason to not tell everything to everybody?
Yes, there is. Surprise you that I would say that? In relationships, power is not the key to connection. So, don’t deceive or cajole in personal relationships, where trust and connection are key.
Yet in business, where revealing intentions can be revealing your IP. Don’t do it. Ever.
As Mike Mace on my team says, if they like it, they’ll steal your treasure. And if they hate it, you lose credibility. Where’s the win in that? Just think, does anyone know Google’s plans? No! Does anyone know Apple’s plans? A few! And aren’t those two some of the greatest pioneers of innovation. Yes! I would advocate there’s a linkage behind this and not just a coincidence.
So when you are developing a new consumer product or direction, keep the industry off balance and in the dark by never revealing the true purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they can’t put up their shield, or poke you with their spear. And they certainly can’t find your treasure before you do. Then, by the time you do reveal your intentions, it will be too late. Robert Greene’s book on the 48 Laws of Power talks about this principle. And while I never thought I would agree with his notions, I find this one rule a necessary part of Innovation.
Eric Klein just let a group of friends know his latest news, when it was right.

I can finally stop answering the “what do you do?” or “who funded your startup?” questions with vague and concealing questions. Why? We’ve left stealth mode! My company is officially Dash Navigation, Inc., or more simply, Dash!
I manage Product Marketing for this amazing startup! I can’t talk about the product yet, but if you some of the press running about us in the next few days, you’ll see the tip of our iceberg. We’re going to re-invent the auto navigation space by solving the real problems drivers face in their daily lives. It’s all about being connected to timely and relevant local information while in your car 😉
We’ll be at Demo in San Diego on September 25-27 to formally show off what we’ve been working on these past months (for me) and years (for Dash).

Eric, let it be known: I want in the beta. And good luck. You deserve it.

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